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  • Summer Horse Camps at SaddleRock Farm
  • 2021 camps dates are May 24-28, June 20-25 & July 12-16, August 2-6
  •  Call (252) 430-4755 to Register Now!

Horse Camp Article Image0010We accept campers ages 6 and up who have never ridden, who are experienced and everyone in between. A Waiver of Liability must be completed for each camper.  Each camp runs Monday through Friday from 9:30am until 4:00pm. Larry Johnson is the lead instructor.  He is aided by a terrific and experienced group of camp counselors.  In an effort to keep a 1:3 or 1:4 counselor to camper ratio, the number of campers is limited to 20 for each camp.  For lunch, we ask that the campers bring a sack lunch and beverage from home each day.  Campers should wear attire that is comfortable (shorts are acceptable as it does get hot).  Riding helmets are encouraged and provided or you may bring your own.  All instruction and activities are done in the presence of the entire group.  There is no one-on-one training.  

Horse Camp Article Image0003Each day we go to the house (air conditioned relief from the heat) for a sack lunch.  While there, the campers watch a short video on horse training and then its back to the riding activities.  On Friday afternoon we invite parents, guardians and friends to come watch what the kids have learned.  Most are amazed! Each camper will receive a free SaddleRock Farm T-shirt and be provided with plenty of cold water to drink. We provide two very clean and well maintained port-a-pottys, one of which is handicap accessible. We also provide hand-sanitizer.

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Skills they will learn...

The camps are geared toward western style riding.  The campers progress through stations where they learn different skills.  Mr. Larry teaches the skill involved at each session and then lets the counselors work with their individual campers on that skill for 30 minutes. We change stations fairly often to keep the campers' attention span up.  

The following are just a few of the skills campers will acquire over the course of week:

- Ability to controll a horse by turning it left and right

- Ability to maneuver the horse forward and backward

- Ability to maneuver a horse up and down hills

- Ability to maneuver a horse through a pre-set pattern

- Ability to maneuver a horse through water

- Ability to saddle a horse with a knowledge of equipment (name & function)

- Ability to groom a horse and clean its hooves

- Advanced riders learn higher level skills such as cantering. 

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Additional Activities...

We sprinkle in other activities to steer clear of any potential camper boredom.  Campers are taught to maneuver a peddle boat on the pond. We also take guided scenic nature walks down by the creek.  Some other activities that have been huge hits with the campers are corn shelling contests, inflatable water slide and a corn hole tournament. Of course, kids can only participate in activities approved by their parents/guardian.

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Our 2021 camp weeks will be:

 May 24-26

June 21-25

       July 12-16

August 2-6





Camp cost is $250 per week per child
$50 non-refundable deposit required 

We always fill up quickly, so call (252)430-4755 to register today!  Don't forget to complete a waiver of liability for each camper.


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